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Our Instructor 

Johnathan Frisk is an active law enforcement Officer in Charlotte, North Carolina where he has served for over 20 years. He has trained over 40,000 civilians on active shooter training in the Charlotte, NC region.

Frisk has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times 2019 Active- Shooter training. He has several commendations for outstanding contributions and excellence in the field of law enforcement.




Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Academy

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Academy is a diverse, progressive, technology-driven, metropolitan program that believes strongly in the principles of crime management, community collaboration, professional accountability and employee wellness.

1997 - 2001

B.A. in Criminal Justice

Edinboro University 

A criminal justice major gives students an understanding of the three main elements of the justice system: the courts, policing and corrections. The study of criminal justice and corrections involves research methods for criminology, criminological theory and the psychology behind criminal behavior.


  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Specialist

  • Active Survival ABC’S Active Threat Response Plan 

  • North Carolina General Instructor

  • ASIS- Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessment 

  • Building House of Worship Security Teams: An Israeli TrainingModel 

  • ALERRT - Civilian response and Casualty Care

  • STOP The Bleed

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